Golden Cross Entertainment, GXI, is dedicated to the development of independent arts and artists, towards the production of innovative, enlightening works of art.


Developing, Producing and Distributing all forms of Art & Entertainment within our premise of the 3E’s.

The 3 E’s
Expression -The Expression of Art, and Love.
Enlightenment -The Enlightenment of the Generation.
Entertainment -And the Entertainment of the Masses. 

A combination of subject matter that is at the heart of the masses, executed with a high threshold of entertainment and production values.
The outcome is a project that has Impact, lasting impact, and Social responsibility; a project that audiences want to follow long after the show is over.


Develop innovative, original works of art & entertainment, and likeminded artists.

To Resonate and Respond to the unheard, overlooked voices of the people, the community, the world.

To unite the community, one story at a time.


GXI recruits investors and partners / personnel on a project by project basis.

For opportunities, Contact GXI.