RECENT work?



    The fine line between Rich/Poor, Truths/Lies, Innocent/Guilty, Black/White. (Drama/Mystery/Crime)

  • THE ROOT (Pre-Production)

    A family copes with the death of a loved one at the hands of the law in varying ways that come to a staggering clash. (Drama/Sci-fi/experimental) TV Film.

    HOME: Welcome to America (Pre-Production)

    A bright-eyed immigrant seeking love and the American dream, in Trump's America. (COMEDY/Romance)

    PATH TO PARADISE (Pre-Production)

    A Runaway's journey to freedom.  A struggle of faith and brotherhood, crossing the color lines. (Drama/Faith/Period)
  • JUSTICE: Lost Children (Script)

    When his daughter is abducted, frustrated by the system, a Veteran takes matters into his own hands to find her before she becomes another statistic. (Drama/Mystery/Urban)

    DISTRICT (Script)

    An epic classical, futuristic tale.  (Action/Sci-fi/Drama)


    Where does the help go for help? (TV Pilot) (Action/Faith/Drama)